Water Resources

Water Supply – SGC has in-depth knowledge of the physical and regulatory framework as it relates to the conduct of water supply studies and hydrologic investigations in Arizona. SGC’s expertise is based on our experience and understanding of local and regional hydrogeologic conditions. We have over 24 years of corporate experience and individual staff member experience exceeding 40 years. These experiences include the drilling and testing of hundreds of wells, and the completion of numerous groundwater modeling studies in support of Arizona Department of Water Resources (ADWR) permits, forms, and applications for: Certificates of Assured Water Supply (CAWS), Designations of Assured Water Supply (DAWS), Assured and Adequate Water Supply (AAWS), and Physical Availability Determinations (PAD). Our relationship and reputation with ADWR and other regulatory agencies is unparalleled and results in quality science for cost effective agency approvals.

Recharge – SGC also specializes in the recharge and recovery of water using percolation ponds, vadose zone wells, and Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells. SGC’s many years of experience in characterizing the aquifer and vadose zone through infiltration testing, testing of wells and boreholes, and groundwater flow modeling is a critical component in obtaining Underground Storage Facility (USF) and Aquifer Protection Permits (APP). SGC has prepared numerous USF and APP permits working successfully with the agencies, project engineers, and clients.


  • Water supply studies
  • Hydrologic investigations
  • Aquifer recharge/dewatering
  • Water quality
  • Aquifer testing and sampling